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Finding ambition in a contact centre

At Armatis-lc, you’re in for a surprise

Enjoying yourself in a contact centre

At Armatis-lc, you’re in for a surprise

Finding freedom in a contact centre

At Armatis-lc, you’re in for a surprise


On-Site Jobs

Whatever your background, chances are there is a place for you on our team!

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Jobs in
Customer Service

Jobs in Sales Expertise

Jobs in Training

On-Site Jobs

Site Director

Auxerre, Lisbon, Châteauroux, Krakow or Poitiers… Each of our 23 sites is headed by a director whose responsibility is to protect the company image, bring teams together on common projects, and define the best strategy to reach objectives. High responsibilities but a very rewarding position!

Mariette’s experience, Site Director : Combining high stakes with kindness…I had never experienced something like that in any of my previous jobs in the same industry! The co-workers, suppliers and customers make my work rewarding.

Jobs in Human resources

The term “Human Resources” includes everyone who ensures that our large company runs smoothly. Career growth, administration…are just some of the tasks they take care of. They're always there to answer questions and meet expectations set by our co-workers.

Stéphanie's experience, HR manager : My site gives a lot of importance to team activities like renovation and employee wellness days. I am free to set up concrete, constructive endeavours and everyone gets involved.


The title speaks for itself! The Recruitment department finds new talents to join and strengthen our teams. From publishing job offers to conducting interviews or onboarding new hires, recruitment staff work hard to help convert the best candidates into employees.

Nicolas' experience, Recruitment manager : When I'm interviewing people with such different backgrounds and life experiences, not a dull day goes by. I help each one fit in to the company and develop his or her skills, just like armatis-lc did for me.

Jobs in Customer Service Production Director

The Production Director orchestrates all customer service activities. The Production Director is in direct contact with clients and manages teams of 200 to 600 people to achieve objectives. In a word, he or she heads up all operations and manages CRM output throughout the entire chain.

Jean-Baptiste's experience, Production director : The company spirit here encourages personal growth. Seven years ago, I was a customer service consultant. Today, I am proud to coordinate human resources, operations and finance on a site of 200 employees.

Jobs in Customer Service Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator is in charge of one or several operations. It means that the Coordinator manages five to seven supervisors reporting to him or her, ensuring that their teams are effective and reach objectives. Production Coordinators are in the heart of each project.

David's experience, Production coordinator : Working at armatis-lc changed my opinion of call centers. After just a year and a half, I was promoted and started managing a team of supervisors.

Jobs in Customer Service Supervisor

You could call them the team captain. Supervisors organize motivational team activities. They also manage and support their direct reports to help them meet objectives effectively. They brief and debrief, manage conflict, and take care of their teams. In other words, this is a position of responsibility that can lead later on to attractive opportunities in France or elsewhere!

Mounir's experience, Supervisor : In ten years of customer service for a single operator, each day has been unique! Between managing my teams and training new hires, at armatis-lc I never feel like I'm in a rut.

Jobs in Customer Service Customer Service Consultant

Whatever the situation, you are the solution! The Consultant’s mission is to solve different types of customer problems over the telephone, live chats, or social media. Depending on your career goals, you could also be subsequently trained to become a supervisor or join one of our offices in a different country.

Isabelle's experience, Customer Service agent : In two and a half years at armatis-lc, I have shared positive experiences with my customers and met fantastic people on my team. What more could I want? I am able to provide fresh solutions here, and for me that's a positive thing.

Jobs in Sales Expertise Planning Coordinator

At armatis-lc, the planning coordinator plays a central role. He or she steers activities in real time. The planning coordinator closely monitors performances at our different sites to match team size to customer needs and ensure that deadlines are met.

Pierre's experience, Planning coordinator : I have a very active role in my area. I perform analysis and deliver reports, handle scheduling, and forecast future outputs. I consider myself fortunate to be able to suggest and test new ways of doing things.

Jobs in Training Training And Quality Coordinator

Our Training and Quality Coordinators take their job very seriously. They're always eager to help our employees improve their skills by coordinating training and following up on progress to ensure that everyone reaches their goals. Part of our company's success can be attributed to them, too!

Carole's experience, Quality and Training Coordinator : It's a real adventure learning to push your personal limits. Ten years ago, I was a shy person. But for two years, I have been heading up hiring and managing a team of 17 Training and Quality Managers.

Jobs in Training Training And Quality Manager

This is the person to turn to when you want to boost your skills. Our training officers design, prepare and deliver training programs in a group setting or on employees’ work stations. They contribute significantly to the future of our employees and the company as a whole!

Emilie's experience, Training and Quality Manager : I started my career at age 21 and went on to become a Training and Quality Manager. My career progressed quickly! Actually, that's the strength of the managers here. Most of the managers have started out as customer service agents, as I did.

At armatis-lc, you’re in for a surprise

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